Empowered Learning Circle – Sociocracy Basics (ELC SoBa)

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4 sessions to learn Sociocracy in your group!

  • For groups of 4-8 people – get together and learn together
  • Works in video calls (like zoom) or in-person
  • What you get:
    • 4 sessions of ~2 hours each, done as a group
    • A total of ~85 minutes worth of video content
    • More than 330 minutes worth of group exercises for your group
    • Pointers to 16+ articles and videos in preparation and enrichment
    • Access to about 200 answers to frequently asked questions about sociocracy (FAQ)
  • Optional coaching (recommended). We recommend 4×30 minutes of coaching ($220) alongside this training, and we will connect you to a coach.

“Your integrity and passion really came through in the videos and swept us along through this curiously satisfying learning process.  We all seemed to have a warm and positive experience by the end of it.  We were mostly strangers before we started, but a wonderful sense of trust, affection and playfulness emerged over these past few weeks.” (Luke, UK)


SoBa Session 1: Overview and Selections

The first Session is an overview of sociocracy and a chance to experience and practice the selection process that we use in sociocracy to fill roles.