A Nonprofit Bringing Sociocracy to the World

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A Nonprofit Bringing Sociocracy to the World

Training & Coaching

We offer training on all levels, beginner to training of trainers/consultants.


Offerings videos, case studies, articles. We wrote a handbook too!


There are many of us! We are about 100+ members and 4 people on staff.

Hear some of our members

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  • ELC SoFT (Empowered Learning Circle - Sociocracy Facilitation Training)

    by Ted Rau
    30 Lessonsin

    Preview this course - (2 preview lessons)

  • SoJo (Sociocracy Journey)

    by Ted Rau
    8 Lessons

    7 days of the best-of articles and videos on sociocracy for you – plus something to try out for every step! Each step will have: 1 short intro text on the theme, 3 resources, 1 activity you can try in daily life, a follow-up email that gives you extra resources on the same topic

  • SoCS (Sociocracy Circle Structure)

    by Ted Rau
    22 Lessonsin
    • Sociocracy Circle Structure - $0.00

    Session plan: Session 1 is a review of circle structure in sociocracy Session 2 is a step-by-step guide for drawing your own circle structure for an organization More info: Completing this course takes about 60 minutes (or longer if the aims of the organization are not clear yet). You can go through this curriculum alone […]

  • Empowered Learning Circle - Sociocracy Basics (ELC SoBa)

    by Ted Rau
    32 Lessonsin
    • Empowered Learning Circle: Sociocracy Basics - From: $0.00 for 3 months

    Are you already a part of a learning group in this curriculum? Log in Make sure you’re logged into the correct account (see My Account) & signed up for the course already. If your Group Leader purchased the course and you haven’t yet received your instructions to sign up for personal access, please get in […]

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